Navigating 2D and 3D Views

ViewCube and SteeringWheels are navigation tools that allow you to navigate 2D and 3D views in Revit Architecture. These tools replace the Dynamic View commands that were available in 2D and 3D views in previous releases of Revit Architecture.


The ViewCube is a 3D navigation tool that indicates the current orientation of a model and lets you adjust the viewpoint.

The ViewCube displays by default when you open a 3D view. You can show or hide the ViewCube using Window menuViewCube.


SteeringWheels are tracking menus that allow you to access different 2D and 3D navigation tools from a single point. SteeringWheels are divided into different sections known as wedges. Each wedge on a wheel represents a single navigation tool. You can pan, zoom, or manipulate the current view of a model in different ways.

There are several SteeringWheels; wheels are specific to the context that a model is being viewed in.

Full Navigation Wheel

SteeringWheels can be accessed from the toolbar. Click (in 2D views) or (in 3D views) to access the SteeringWheels.

For more information on ViewCube and SteeringWheels, see Navigating Views.