Roof with Intersecting Slope Lines at Different Heights

The following procedure shows you how to create a roof with slope-defined lines at different elevations by joining 2 separate roofs.

TipThis procedure works best with a multi-level building.
  1. Create a footprint roof sketch, similar to the following:

  2. Click Create Roof Footprint tabElement panelRoof Properties.
  3. In the Instance Properties dialog, specify a cutoff level for the roof. For example, if you are sketching the roof on level 2, you might specify level 4 as the cutoff level.
  4. Click Finish Roof.
  5. Create another footprint roof sketch at a higher level, similar to the following:

  6. Click Finish Roof.
  7. In a 3D view, select both roofs, and click Modify tabEdit Geometry panelJoin.

  8. View the 2 roofs in a plan view:

    You now have a single roof with different eave heights.

    Here is the finished house with that roof style.