Adding a Sheet

Create a sheet. (53 seconds)

  1. Open the Revit project.
  2. Add a sheet using one of the following methods:
  3. Select a title block, as follows:
    1. In the Select a Titleblock dialog, select a title block from the list.

      If the list does not show the desired title block, click Load. In the Library folder, open the Titleblocks folder, or navigate to the folder where the title block resides. Select the title block to load, and click Open.

    2. Click OK.

    For information about title blocks, see Title Blocks.

  4. Enter information in the title block of the sheet.

    See Specifying Title Block Information for Sheets.

  5. Add views to the sheet.

    See Adding Views to a Sheet.

  6. Change the default number and name that Revit Architecture assigned to the sheet.

    See Renaming a Sheet. The sheet number and name display in the Project Browser under Sheets (all).

NoteTo track printing times, Revit Architecture displays a date and time stamp on sheets. To format the display of this stamp, modify the regional and language settings on your computer.

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