What Types of Files Can Be Used?


Project documents can consist of both DWF and non-DWF files. DWFx files can also be used; however, DWF files are generally preferred because they are smaller and load faster.

The following table shows the types of files you can use in QTO and the level of takeoff functionality available for each file type.


To have the DWG format as an import option, you must have DWG TrueView™ installed. DWG TrueView is included as an installation option on the QTO product DVD.

Document Type Automatic Takeoff Available? Manual Takeoff Available?
3D DWF models Yes (all automatic tools) No
2D DWF sheets Yes (Search Takeoff and Single-Click Auto Takeoff) Yes
DWG sheets No Yes
PDF files (without password protection) No Yes
Image files (TIF, GIF, JPG) No Yes

For information about automatic and manual takeoff tools, see Understanding Takeoff Options.


If you have other types of files, such as DGN files, that you want to use in QTO, use the free downloadable Autodesk® DWF Writer to convert them to DWF files. The converted files can be imported and used for quantity takeoff. DWF Writer is included as an installation option on the QTO product DVD.


Optimize PDF files for use in QTO by using the image settings within the PDF print driver to downsample all images to below 150 ppi. The default setting of 300 ppi is optimized for printer output, not on-screen display, so it will not deliver optimal performance for importing and displaying PDF images in QTO. For best results, test your PDF output in QTO and, if necessary, make adjustments to downsampling and compression settings to publish clear images at the smallest possible file size. (Downsampling reduces file size; compression reduces files size and can affect image clarity.)

Sources of DWF Files

You can produce DWF files using several design applications. Because of variations in publishing methods, the source application of the DWF file determines the level of automatic takeoff functionality that is available when you import the file into QTO, as shown in this table:

Publisher Automatic Takeoff Available?
AutoCAD No
AutoCAD Architecture Yes
AutoCAD Civil 3D Yes
Autodesk Inventor No
Revit Yes

For information about publishing DWF files from design applications, see Preparing DWF Files for QTO.