Isometrics in AutoCAD Plant 3D (Subscription)


Isometric drawings have been improved to better represent lines, locate dimensions, and place annotations.

AutoCAD Plant 3D Extension 2

Support for fixed length piping.

New advanced isometric configuration options are available here: advanced_iso_config_2014_ext2 (pdf).

For information on IsoConfig.xml see Isometric Configuration (Advanced).

AutoCAD Plant 3D Extension 1

Isometric drawings and PCF files support COG and weight properties.

Advanced Options

Options set in the Advanced Iso Creation Options dialog box can now be saved in Project Setup.


Lines are sized to avoid crowding, and to provide a better pictorial representation.

A cleaner Iso representation is provided for a skew.


Dimensions and Annotations are located to minimize leader crossings, and to better use available space.

For example, the pipe support locating dimensions show above (left) are placed outside string dimensions to minimize leader crossings. Above (right) shows locating dimensions placed inside string dimensions.