Create Block Based Piping Components


You can create custom block based components.

If component parametric graphics are not available, you can create your own piping component geometry using AutoCAD blocks.

When you create a block based piping component, you first specify port locations in AutoCAD Plant 3D. You can then use the catalog editor to create components using the blocks.

NoteWhen you save a block-based component for the first time, a DWG is created for the part family. The drawing contains a block for each part size and is saved to a catalog folder in CPak Common (for example: C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013 Content\ CPak Common\sample_catalog). If the save is successful, the Block Name displayed in Catalog Editor - Sizes tab changes to match the part size ID.

If the component is not required in spec, it is easier to create a specialty component in the model. For more information see Create Custom and Placeholder Parts.

  • Create Custom Piping Components
  • To create a component using block based geometry
    To assign sizes to a block based component