Understand Iso Styles and Themes

AutoCAD Plant 3D includes four common isometric styles including check, stress, final, and spool, from which you can create isometric drawings. You can add additional Styles.

Isometric Styles

An Iso Style also controls the appearance of the Iso geometry and annotation. An Iso Style defines where the Iso drawings are created and named, provides the templates used, and controls how piping is split into sheets.

For more information see Set Up Isometric Styles.

These isometric styles differ from each other in the amount of detail included and in the format in which the information is presented. You can also customize the three isometric drawing styles included with AutoCAD Plant 3D to create other isometric styles.

Check Isometrics

You create check isometric drawings to make sure that all necessary components are represented in the model. A check isometric also confirms that the model can create an Isometric drawing without errors when it is time to produce the final deliverable. The details in check isometric drawings facilitate comparison with AutoCAD P&ID.

Stress Isometrics

Stress isometrics are drawings that convey geometric data pertinent to stress checking. Typically, you create these isometrics only for pipelines requiring stress analysis, such as high temperature lines, lines with large pipe sizes, critical service lines, and in some cases, high pressure lines.

You can also create a piping component file (PCF) to run through a stress analysis application or to create a loose drawing. The stress engineer uses this drawing to analyze the stresses and loading on the pipeline.

Final Isometrics

Final isometrics are the key deliverable documents that you create from 3D piping models. You typically produce final isometrics during the last stages of a project. These drawings include a bill of materials (BOM) and become the issued documents of record that are used for fabrication and construction.

Spool Drawings

Spool drawings typically use the properties of Final Isometrics, but are split into separate drawings for shop fabrication.

Iso Themes

An Iso Theme can be used to modify (override) the appearance of certain types of components within a style. For example, small bore piping can have a different dimension type, or be placed on a different layer. The settings for themes are unique within each Iso style.

For more information on Themes see Configure Isometric Title Block Themes.