Part Family View

Creates and modifies components in the catalog template.

Select a component category (for example: Fittings) and type (for example: Elbow) in the left pane to display part family details in the right pane.

Component Type tree

Displays component types (for example: Elbow, Coupling, or Tee) that are available in the component category (for example: Fittings).

Specifies the graphic type. If you use Plant 3D Parametric Graphics, you can enter a shape name in the Choose Plant 3D Shape list from another category. For example, you can enter CPTS to create a Tee-shaped strainer.

Some component types (for example: backing rings and bolts) do not have graphics and can be left parametric with a blank name.

Part Family Properties

If you select a single component type in the tree, the details for that part family can be modified.

Use Custom Size List

Uses the custom size list specified in the Catalog Builder Advanced Default Settings dialog box instead of the size range specified above in Part Family Properties.

Group View

If you select All or multiple component types in the tree, the components display in a Group Tile View or a Group List View.

Component Category list
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