Catalog Editor

You can use the Catalog Editor to modify piping components or add new components.

When using the catalog editor, you first identify the type of modification you need to make. It is easy to modify a material property. But if you use the catalog editor to create a new parametric component, you must assign dimensions to each size.

Component properties that are Read-only in the spec editor, such as port properties and dimensions, must be modified in the catalog editor. You can find the component in the catalog, modify and save the catalog, and update the spec with those changes.

You can also duplicate a component in the catalog editor to create a component that initially has similar properties, sizes, and dimensions. In the spec, you can remove the old component and add the new one.

If you want to specify geometric detail you can create a new, empty component. This action provides the flexibility to set component geometry but requires that you provide parametric dimensions or an AutoCAD block for each component size.

When you create a new component, you can specify geometry for each size of component.

ImportantIt is much easier to copy (Duplicate Component) a similar part family and modify it, than it is to create a new component.
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