mental ray Layering Shaders

Version 3.12


Layering Features

With the layering shader library:

In the library we include the layering components and component combiners. The declaration of the shaders and Phenomena can be found in the file layering.mi. To use the shaders, the declaration file must be included and the library linked:

link ""
$include "layering.mi"

The shader names in the layering library are all prefixed with "mila_".


Since these shaders attempt to simulate physics, it is important to light them with lights that are physically plausible.

The light shaders used should ideally be physical, and in general they should be visible area lights.

The layering shaders also take advantage of light importance sampling features. For global light importance sampling for area lights only, use the string option "light importance sampling" "on". To importance sample all point lights in addition to area lights, use "light importance sampling" "all"