Map File Information: map_info 3.9

The map file information utility for mental ray. It prints details for files storing map data of different types and supported formats. This includes information about the dimension of the data, the number of elements in the map, as well as the data fields provided for each element of the map.


The map file info utility is started as:

map_info [options] file

It will display information about the map data contained in file.


The following options are supported:

Print brief help text.

The tool supports to print information about map files generated by mental ray's unified caching approach, like finalgather maps. Such files are based on the common map file architecture but may provide additional custom data to support specific algorithms.

This is a sample output from a finalgather map file:

> map_info finalgather.fgmap

map_info version 1.0.0
version, Apr  8 2011

Map file format    : Closed Binary (file version 2)
Map dimension      : 3
Number of elements : 14739

10 element fields:
normal            : vector (XYZ)
irrad             : color (RGBA)
rays              : integer
grad_t1           : scalar array (dim. 3)
grad_t2           : scalar array (dim. 3)
point_id          : integer
r_mean            : scalar
min_dist          : scalar
min_dist_dir      : vector (XYZ)
occluded_min_dist : scalar

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