Shader Apply Flags

The apply statement allows specification of possible uses for the shader. The shader_type_list consists of a comma-separated list of one or more of the following keywords:

keyword shader application
lens lens shader in a camera
material material shader in a material
light light shader
shadow shadow shader in a material
environment environment shader in a material or camera
volume volume shader in a material or camera
texture texture shader
photon photon shader in a material
geometry geometry shader
displace displacement shader in a material
lightmap lightmap shader in a material
emitter photon emitter shader in a light
output output shader in a camera
state state shader in options

If the apply statement is missing, the application purpose of a shader is unknown. This may be the case for general base shaders, for example, which can be used in any context (like a noise shader). Apply lists help user interfaces to categorize shaders. mental ray performs no checks to make sure that shaders are used only in legal contexts, and in fact ignores the apply list completely.

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