Space Curves

Element type: miSCENE_SPACECURVE
Data type: miSpacecurve[ ]
Sizes: int no_spacecurves
Defaults: all nulls except where otherwise noted
typedef struct miSpacecurve {
        miApprox        def_approx;       /* default approximation */
        miGeoIndex      no_curves;        /* total number of curves */
        miGeoIndex      curve_idx;        /* index into the 'curves' list*/
        miBoolean       pad;              /* not used */
        miVertex_content gap_vert_info;   /* For calculating box sizes */
} miSpacecurve;

A translator must provide: no_curves, curve_idx, gap_vert_info.

A translator may provide: def_approx.

def_approx is the default approximation for curve segments which do not have their own approximation defined.

no_curves specifies the total number of curves used by this space curve.

curve_idx is the index of the first curve in the curve list anchored in the object that is used for this space curve. This is the first of no_curves consecutive curves to use.

gap_vert_info describes the layout and size of the vertices to create during tessellation. The boxes created during tessellation will get a copy of this vertex info structure.

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