Surfaces: Curve Point Lists

Element type: miSCENE_CURVPNT
Data type: miCurve_point[ ]
Sizes: int no_points
Defaults: all nulls
typedef struct miCurve_point {
        miGeoVector     v;              /* xyz on surface of curve at t */
        miGeoVector2d   uv;             /* uv value of curve at t */
        miGeoScalar     t;              /* curve parameter value */
        miUshort        flags;          /* internal use */
        miUshort        spare_flags;    /* not used */  
        miCBoolean      is_t;           /* is t value present */
        miCBoolean      is_uv;          /* is uv value present */
        miCBoolean      is_v;           /* is xyz value present */
        miCBoolean      spare;          /* not used */
} miCurve_point;

A translator must provide: all fields except spare.

(Despite the name, curve points may also be referenced as special points by surfaces.)

is_t, is_uv, and is_v, if miTRUE, specify that t, uv, or v are valid, respectively.

t, if enabled by is_t, gives the parameter value of the special point.

uv, if enabled by is_uv, gives the UV value of the curve at the special point.

v, if enabled by is_v, gives the location in space of the special point.

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