Surfaces: Scalar Lists

Element type: miSCENE_GEOSCALAR
Data type: miGeoScalar[ ]
Sizes: int no_scalars
Defaults: all nulls

Both surfaces and curves store all their geometric data (parameter lists and control points) in unstructured scalar lists. The exact layout and the size of each control point depends on the surface or curve. Surfaces and curves store their scalars in separate scalar lists, but all surfaces in an object share one scalar list, and all curves in the object share the other (which is omitted if there are no curves). Each surface and curve has an index that specifies where in the respective scalar list the scalars for the surface or curve begin. All scalars for a single surface or curve are consecutive. The internal layout of each such curve depends on the surface or curve; see above for details. In general, the parameter vectors come first, followed by the control points in X, Y, Z, W order. All the X are given before the Y, etc.

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