Light Profiles

Light profiles such as IES or Eulumdat are files provided by physical lamp vendors to specify the light emission characteristics of their products. The profile files can be read and preprocessed by mental ray, and access and measurement functions are supplied to shaders. The following API calls implement the lightprofile...end lightprofile blocks in .mi scene files, which attach a name to a profile that can be passed to shaders as an argument of type lightprofile.

miLight_profile *mi_api_lightprofile_begin(
    char            *name)          /* name of light profile */

Begin the definition of a light profile named name, and return a pointer to the new light profile. The caller should set the following fields:

After all fields are defined, call mi_api_lightprofile_end.

miTag mi_api_lightprofile_end(void)

Completes the definition of the light profile.

miTag mi_api_lightprofile_lookup(
    char            *name)          /* symbolic profile name */

Returns the tag associated with the symbolic name of a light profile. This function is not required; it may be useful when defining shader parameter values for parameters of type lightprofile.

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