mi::shader_v3::Mip_remap Class Reference

Texture re-mapping interface. More...

#include <shader_mipremap.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void coord_transform (miVector2d &tex_coord) const =0
 Transformation of texture coordinates.
virtual void coord_remap (miImg_image *image, int image_coord[2]) const =0
 Remapping of texture coordinates.

Detailed Description

Texture re-mapping interface.

This class provides texture coordinate transformation for use in texture filtering. The shader function Interface::lookup_filter_color_texture expects an implementation of this class as a parameter.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void mi::shader_v3::Mip_remap::coord_transform ( miVector2d &  tex_coord  )  const [pure virtual]

Transformation of texture coordinates.

This can be used to apply affine transformations to the coordinates, including texture repeat/scaling.

[in,out] tex_coord uv coordinate to transform

virtual void mi::shader_v3::Mip_remap::coord_remap ( miImg_image *  image,
int  image_coord[2] 
) const [pure virtual]

Remapping of texture coordinates.

This can be used to implement texture wrapping modes like torus, alternating, clamping), and cropping.

[in] image texture image
[in,out] image_coord texture coordinate in image space, with image_coord[0]: [0..mi_img_get_width(image)-1], image_coord[1]: [0..mi_img_get_height(image)-1]

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