Create Shader Skeletons: mkmishader

The shader skeleton utility mkmishader is started as

   mkmishader [options] [scenefile...]

This utility is intended for shader writers only. It takes shader declaration files and generates C source code files that implement the shader. The scenefiles should only contain shader declarations. One source file per shader is created. If it already exists, it is overwritten. The sources include all necessary includes, declarations, local variables, parameter evaluation statements, and array loops, but the implementation of the actual algorithm is, of course, missing. The body of the shader function usually needs to be rearranged, the local variables, evaluations, and loops are created in no particular order. The following options are supported:


Print a brief option summary.


Also create init and exit shaders.


Read the startup .rayrc file first. This is not done by default because startup files sometimes contain shader declarations, which would cause mkmishader to generate source code.


Verbose output prints messages showing what mkmishader is doing, and a version banner.

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