FBFolderPopup Class Reference
FBFolderPopup Class Reference

#include <mobu-python-api.h>

Class Description

Folder Popup (for selecting a directory).

Public Member Functions

def  __reduce__ ()
def  __init__ ()
def  Execute ()

Public Attributes

FBPropertyString  Caption
FBPropertyString  Path

Member Function Documentation

def __reduce__ ( )
def __init__ ( )

Python Docstring:

__init__( (object)arg1) -> None 

C++ Signature:



def Execute ( )

Python Docstring:

Execute( (FBFolderPopup)arg1) -> bool 

C++ Signature:

bool Execute() 

Execute folder popup.

true if OK is clicked by user.

Member Data Documentation

Read Write Property: Caption to put in popup window.

Read Write Property: Path of folder selected.