Extension for Autodesk Maya 2013


Viewport 2.0 API Guide

Most of the changes in the Maya 2013 extension are related to the API changes for Viewport 2.0. For more information, you can refer to the Maya Viewport 2.0 API Guide in the Viewport 2.0 API section.

OpenMaya Render

Draw Mode Enhancements

Lighting Information

Geometry Enhancements

Shader Override Enhancements

Shader Instance Enhancements

Texturing Enhancements

Render Item Enhancements

Render Target Enhancements

State Enhancements

Pass Context Information

Render Override Enhancements

Geometry Utilities

Render Utilities

DirectX 11 General

Plug-in Exclusion Filtering

Custom Display Filters

New API for Reference Edits

New API for Scene Assemblies

New API for Generic Metadata (Blind Data)

New API for Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)


New/Updated Samples