Maya Python API 1.0


Maya is an "open" product which means that anyone outside of Autodesk can change existing features or add entirely new features. Our "openness" support includes a Python interface to Maya commands (described elsewhere in the documentation) and a Python interface to the C++ Maya API. We refer to the last item as the Maya Python API. The Maya Python API is available on all of our supported platforms: Microsoft® Windows®(32 and 64 bit), Linux®(64 bit), and Apple® Mac OS® X.

Most of the Maya API is available in the Maya Python API and you can write the following types of solutions:

This documentation only describes the original Maya Python API 1.0. As of Maya 2012, a new API called the Python API 2.0 is available. It is an enhanced version of the original Python API that provides a more Pythonic workflow and improved performance. The documentation for the new API can be found on the Autodesk Maya Developer Center and in the Maya Python API 2.0 section.