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// or which otherwise accompanies this software in either electronic
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#ifndef _apiMeshShape
#define _apiMeshShape

// apiMeshShape.h
// Implements a new type of shape node in maya called apiMesh.
//     inputSurface    - input apiMeshData
//     outputSurface   - output apiMeshData
//     worldSurface    - array of world space apiMeshData, each element
//                       represents an istance of the shape
//     mControlPoints  - inherited control vertices for the mesh. These values
//                       are tweaks (offsets) that will be applied to the
//                       vertices of the input shape.
//     bboxCorner1     - bounding box upper left corner
//     bboxCorner2     - bounding box lower right corner

#include <maya/MPxSurfaceShape.h>
#include <maya/MPxGeometryIterator.h>
#include <maya/MTypeId.h>
#include <maya/MPlug.h>
#include <maya/MDataBlock.h>
#include <maya/MVectorArray.h>
#include <maya/MDoubleArray.h>
#include <maya/MSelectionList.h>
#include <maya/MSelectionMask.h>
#include <apiMeshGeom.h>
#include <apiMeshData.h>
#include <apiMeshIterator.h>

class MPointArray;

class apiMesh : public MPxSurfaceShape
    virtual ~apiMesh();

    // Overrides

    // From MPxNode
    virtual void            postConstructor();
    virtual MStatus         compute( const MPlug& plug, MDataBlock& data );
    virtual MStatus         setDependentsDirty( const MPlug& plug, MPlugArray& plugArray);
    virtual bool            getInternalValue( const MPlug&,
    virtual bool            setInternalValue( const MPlug&,
                                              const MDataHandle&);
    virtual MStatus         connectionMade( const MPlug& plug,
                                             const MPlug& otherPlug,
                                             bool asSrc );
    virtual MStatus         connectionBroken( const MPlug& plug,
                                             const MPlug& otherPlug,
                                             bool asSrc );
    virtual MStatus         shouldSave( const MPlug& plug, bool& result );

    // Attribute to component (components)
    virtual void            componentToPlugs( MObject &,
                                              MSelectionList & ) const;
    virtual MatchResult     matchComponent( const MSelectionList& item,
                                            const MAttributeSpecArray& spec,
                                            MSelectionList& list );
    virtual bool            match(  const MSelectionMask & mask,
                                    const MObjectArray& componentList ) const;

    // Support deformers (components)
    virtual MObject         createFullVertexGroup() const;
    virtual MObject         localShapeInAttr() const;
    virtual MObject         localShapeOutAttr() const;
    virtual MObject         worldShapeOutAttr() const;
    virtual MObject         cachedShapeAttr() const;

    virtual MObject         geometryData() const;
    virtual void            closestPoint ( const MPoint & toThisPoint,
                                    MPoint & theClosestPoint,
                                    double tolerance ) const;

    // Support the translate/rotate/scale tool (components)
    virtual void            transformUsing( const MMatrix & mat,
                                        const MObjectArray & componentList );
    virtual void            transformUsing( const MMatrix & mat,
                                            const MObjectArray & componentList,
                                            MPxSurfaceShape::MVertexCachingMode cachingMode,
                                            MPointArray* pointCache);
    virtual void            tweakUsing( const MMatrix & mat,
                                        const MObjectArray & componentList,
                                        MVertexCachingMode cachingMode,
                                        MPointArray* pointCache,
                                        MArrayDataHandle& handle );

    // Support the move tools normal/u/v mode (components)
    virtual bool            vertexOffsetDirection( MObject & component,
                                                   MVectorArray & direction,
                                                   MVertexOffsetMode mode,
                                                   bool normalize );

    // Bounding box methods
    virtual bool            isBounded() const;
    virtual MBoundingBox    boundingBox() const;

    // Associates a user defined iterator with the shape (components)
    virtual MPxGeometryIterator*
                            geometryIteratorSetup( MObjectArray&, MObject&,
                                                   bool forReadOnly = false );
    virtual bool            acceptsGeometryIterator( bool  writeable=true );
    virtual bool            acceptsGeometryIterator( MObject&,
                                                     bool writeable=true,
                                                     bool forReadOnly = false);

    // Helper methods

    bool                    hasHistory();

    MStatus                 computeInputSurface( const MPlug&, MDataBlock& );
    MStatus                 computeOutputSurface( const MPlug&, MDataBlock& );
    MStatus                 computeWorldSurface( const MPlug&, MDataBlock& );
    MStatus                 computeBoundingBox( MDataBlock& );

    MStatus                 applyTweaks( MDataBlock&, apiMeshGeom* );

    bool                    value( int pntInd, int vlInd, double & val ) const;
    bool                    value( int pntInd, MPoint & val ) const;
    bool                    setValue( int pntInd, int vlInd, double val );
    bool                    setValue( int pntInd, const MPoint & val );

    MObject                 meshDataRef();
    apiMeshGeom*            meshGeom();

    MObject                 cachedDataRef();
    apiMeshGeom*            cachedGeom();

    MStatus                 buildControlPoints( MDataBlock&, int count );
    void                    verticesUpdated();

    static  void *          creator();
    static  MStatus         initialize();

    // Attributes
    static  MObject         inputSurface;
    static  MObject         outputSurface;
    static  MObject         worldSurface;

    // used to support tweaking of points, the inputSurface attribute data is
    // transferred into the cached surface when it is dirty. The control points
    // tweaks are added into it there.
    static  MObject         cachedSurface;

    static  MObject         bboxCorner1;
    static  MObject         bboxCorner2;

    // Viewport 2.0 Draw Registration
    static  MString         drawDbClassification;
    static  MString         drawRegistrantId;

    static  MTypeId     id;

    bool fHasHistoryOnCreate;

#endif /* _apiMeshShape */