Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AssociationsClass handling associations between internal and external data
AssociationsSerializeClass handling the definition of the format for serialization of adsk::Data::Associations
AttachHelper class to manage attachment of metadata to other class objects
ChannelClass handling a named association of a data array with other data
ChannelSerializeClass handling the definition of the format for serialization of data Channels
CheckpointedMake it big enough to handle tons and tons of edits
CountClass implementing debug object counting operation
CRTP_Debug< Derived, RequestType >This template defines virtual methods for calling the statically defined Debug methods within a hierarchy
CRTP_IndexType< Derived >This CRTP (Curiously Recurring Template Pattern) class implements some shared methods which all derived classes can use, and for whom the implementations use the same pattern
FootprintClass implementing the gathering of data footprint information
HandleClass handling access to specific data members of a structured type
IndexLightweight class handling index values
IndexPairIndex type which uses a pair of IndexCount values for the index mapping
IndexType::IndexRegistrationHelper class to automatically register new index types
IndexStringIndex type which uses a String for the index mapping
IndexTypeComplex index type for referencing metadata
ChannelSerialize::InitializerHelper : instantiate to automatically register a format
AssociationsSerialize::InitializerHelper : instantiate to automatically register a format
StreamSerialize::InitializerHelper : instantiate to automatically register a serializaton format
StructureSerialize::InitializerHelper : instantiate to automatically register a serialization format
Stream::IteratorFlag indicating to print as hex
Structure::iteratorMagic number for uncomputed offset value
M3dViewA 3-D view
MAddRemoveAttrEditClass for describing edits involving attributes which are added or removed
MAngleManipulate Angular Data
MAnimControlControl over animation playback and values
MAnimCurveChangeAnim Curve Change Cache
MAnimCurveClipboardControl over the animation clipboard
MAnimCurveClipboardItemWrapper for a clipboard item
MAnimCurveClipboardItemArrayArray of MAnimCurveClipboardItem data type
MAnimMessageAnimation messages
MAnimUtilStatic class providing common animation helper methods
MArgDatabaseCommand argument list parser
MArgListCreate and retrieve argument lists
MArgParserCommand argument list parser
MArrayDataBuilderArray builder for arrays in data blocks
MArrayDataHandleData block handle for array data
MaterialInputDataPhong shading parameters for an MPxMaterialInformation instance
MAtomicMethods for atomic operations
MAttributeIndexThe index information for an attribute specification
MAttributePatternThe pattern of an attribute tree that can be applied to nodes or node classes
MAttributePatternArrayIndexable Array of attribute patterns
MAttributeSpecAn attribute specification
MAttributeSpecArrayAn attribute specification array
MBlendStateContainer class for an acquired GPU blend state
MBlendStateDescDescriptor for a complete blend state
MBoundingBoxImplementation of a 3D bounding box
MCacheFormatDescriptionCache format description
MCallbackIdArrayArray of MCallbackId data type
MCameraOverrideCamera override description
MCameraSetMessageCameraSet messages
MCharBufferMemory buffer utility class
MClearOperationClass which defines the operation of clearing render target channels
MColorA color math class
MColorArrayArray of MColor data type
MCommandMessageHelper class to handle MEL output
MCommandResultResult returned from executing a command
MCommonRenderSettingsDataData container for common rendering settings
MCommonSystemUtilsOS functionality
MComponentDataIndexingClass for storing index mapping when vertices are shared
MComputationInterupt monitor for long computations
MConditionMessageCondition change messages
MConnectDisconnectAttrEditClass for describing connection and disconnection edits
MContainerMessageContainer-related messages
MCursorManipulate Cursors
MD3D9RendererAccess DirectX utility class
MDagMessageDependency graph messages
MDagModifierDependency graph modifier
MDagPathDAG Path
MDagPathArrayIndexable Array of DAG Paths
MDataBlockDependency node data block
MDataHandleData handle for information contained in a data block
MDepthStencilStateContainer class for an acquired complete GPU depth stencil state
MDepthStencilStateDescDescriptor for a complete depth-stencil state
MDeviceChannelInput device channel
MDeviceStateInput device state
MDGContextDependency graph (DG) context class
MDGMessageDependency graph messages
MDGModifierDependency graph modifier
MDistanceManipulate Linear Data
MDoubleArrayArray of doubles data type
MDrawContextClass to allow access to hardware draw context information
MDrawDataDraw data used in the draw methods of MPxSurfaceShapeUI
MDrawInfoDrawing state used in the draw methods of MPxSurfaceShapeUI
MDrawProcedureBaseBase user draw procedure class
MDrawRegistryAccess the registry associating node types with custom draw classes
MDrawRequestA draw reqeust used in the draw methods of MPxSurfaceShapeUI
MDrawRequestQueueDrawing queue used in MPxSurfaceShapeUI::getDrawRequests
MDrawTraversalA scene drawing traverser
MDynamicsUtilUtility class for Maya dynamics
MDynSweptLineClass for evaluating curve segments as lines over time
MDynSweptTriangleClass for evaluating surfaces as triangles over time
MEditBase class for representing information about edits
MEulerRotationEuler Rotation Math
MEventSystem event information
MEventMessageEvent messages
MExternalDropCallbackProvides a callback hook into Maya's drag-and-drop mechanism
MExternalDropDataDrag-and-drop data, used with MExternalDropCallback
MFcurveEditClass for describing fcurve edits
MFeedbackLineFeedback line
MFileIOI/O operations on scene files
MFileObjectManipulate filenames and search paths
MFloatArrayArray of floats data type
MFloatMatrixA matrix math class for 4x4 matrices of floats
MFloatPointImplementation of a point
MFloatPointArrayArray of MFloatPoint data type
MFloatVectorA vector math class for vectors of floats
MFloatVectorArrayArray of MFloatVectors data type
MFnFunction Set Type Identifiers
MFnAirFieldFunction set for Air Fields
MFnAmbientLightManage Ambient Light dependency Nodes
MFnAnimCurveAnim Curve Function Set
MFnAnisotropyShaderManage anisotropic shaders
MFnAreaLightManage Area Light dependency Nodes
MFnArrayAttrsDataFunction set for multiple arrays of attributes for dependency node data
MFnAssemblyFunction set for scene assembly
MFnAttributeDependency node attribute function set
MFnBaseFunction Set Base Class
MFnBlendShapeDeformerBlend shape deformer function set
MFnBlinnShaderManage Blinn shaders
MFnCameraFunction set for cameras
MFnCameraSetCamera set node function set
MFnCharacterFunction Set for Characters
MFnCircleSweepManipCircleSweepManip function set
MFnClipClip function set
MFnComponentBase class for component function sets
MFnComponentListDataComponent list function set for dependency node data
MFnCompoundAttributeCompound attribute function set
MFnContainerNodeContainer function set
MFnCurveSegmentManipCurveSegmentManip function set
MFnDagNodeDAG Node Function Set
MFnDataParent class for dependency graph data function sets
MFnDependencyNodeDependency node function set
MFnDirectionalLightManage Directional Light dependency nodes
MFnDirectionManipDirectionManip function set
MFnDiscManipDiscManip function set
MFnDistanceManipDistanceManip function set
MFnDoubleArrayDataDouble array function set for dependency node data
MFnDoubleIndexedComponentDouble indexed component function set
MFnDragFieldFunction set for Drag Fields
MFnDynSweptGeometryDataSwept Geometry function set for dependency node data
MFnEnumAttributeEnumerated attribute function set
MFnExpressionExpression function set
MFnFieldFunction set for Dynamic Fields
MFnFloatArrayDatafloat array function set for dependency node data
MFnFluidFluid node function set
MFnFreePointTriadManipFreePointTriadManip function set
MFnGenericAttributeGeneric attribute function set
MFnGeometryDataGeometry data function set
MFnGeometryFilterGeometry filter function set
MFnGravityFieldFunction set for Gravity Fields
MFnHikEffectorFull Body IK end effector function set
MFnIkEffectorInverse kinematics end effector function set
MFnIkHandleFunction set for inverse kinematics (IK) handles
MFnIkJointFunction set for joints
MFnIkSolverFunction set for inverse kinematics (IK) solvers
MFnImageSourceFunction set for image sources
MFnInstancerParticle Instancer object access class
MFnIntArrayDataInt array function set for dependency node data
MFnKeyframeDeltaBase function set for keyframe deltas
MFnKeyframeDeltaAddRemoveFunction set for the addition or removal keys on a curve
MFnKeyframeDeltaBlockAddRemoveFunction set for block add or removal of keys
MFnKeyframeDeltaBreakdownFunction set for changes in a key's breakdown state
MFnKeyframeDeltaInfTypeFunction set for changes in pre or post infinity type
MFnKeyframeDeltaMoveFunction set for change in keyframe value or time
MFnKeyframeDeltaScaleFunction set for scaling in time
MFnKeyframeDeltaTangentFunction set for changes to a key's tangent
MFnKeyframeDeltaWeightedFunction set for changes in a key's weighted state
MFnLambertShaderManage Lambert shaders
MFnLatticeLattice function set
MFnLatticeDataLattice Data dependency graph type
MFnLatticeDeformerFFD lattice deformer function set
MFnLayeredShaderManage Layered shaders
MFnLightManage dependency graph nodes representing lights
MFnLightDataAttributeLight data attribute function set
MFnManip3D3D manipulator function set
MFnMatrixAttributeMatrix attribute function set
MFnMatrixDataMatrix function set for dependency node data
MFnMeshPolygonal surface function set
MFnMeshDataMesh function set for dependency node data
MFnMessageAttributeMessage attribute function set
MFnMotionPathMotion path animation function set
MFnNewtonFieldFunction set for Newton Fields
MFnNIdDataFunction set for nId object data
MFnNObjectDataFunction set for nCloth object data
MFnNonAmbientLightManage Non-ambient Light dependency Nodes
MFnNonExtendedLightManage Non-extended Light dependency Nodes
MFnNumericAttributeNumeric attribute function set
MFnNumericDataNumeric data function set
MFnNurbsCurveNURBS curve function set
MFnNurbsCurveDataNurbs Curve function set for dependency node data
MFnNurbsSurfaceNURBS surface function set
MFnNurbsSurfaceDataNurbs Surface function set for dependency node data
MFnParticleSystemClass for obtaining information about a particle system
MFnPartitionFunction set for partitions of objects
MFnPfxGeometryPfxGeometry node function set
MFnPhongEShaderManage phongE shaders
MFnPhongShaderManage Phong Shaders
MFnPluginRegister and deregister plug-in services with Maya
MFnPluginDataUser defined data function set for dependency node data
MFnPointArrayDataPoint array function set for dependency node data
MFnPointLightManage Point Light dependency Nodes
MFnPointOnCurveManipPointOnCurveManip function set
MFnPointOnSurfaceManipPointOnSurfaceManip function set
MFnRadialFieldFunction set for Radial Fields
MFnReferenceFunction set for querying information about file references
MFnReflectShaderManage Reflective Surface Shaders
MFnRenderLayerFunction set for render layer
MFnRenderPassFunction set for render passes
MFnRotateManipRotateManip function set
MFnScaleManipScaleManip function set
MFnSetFunction Set for Sets of Objects
MFnSingleIndexedComponentSingle indexed component function set
MFnSkinClusterSkinCluster function set
MFnSphereDataSphere function set for dependency node data
MFnSpotLightManage Spot Light dependency Nodes
MFnStateManipStateManip function set
MFnStringArrayDataString array function set for dependency node data
MFnStringDataString function set for dependency node data
MFnSubdSubdivision surface function set
MFnSubdDataSubdiv Surface function set for dependency node data
MFnSubdNamesManipulate Subdivision Surface vertex, edge and face ids
MFnToggleManipToggleManip function set
MFnTransformCreate and access transform nodes
MFnTripleIndexedComponentTriple indexed component function set
MFnTurbulenceFieldFunction set for Turbulence Fields
MFnTypedAttributeTyped attribute function set
MFnUInt64ArrayDataMUint64 array function set for dependency node data
MFnUint64SingleIndexedComponentSingle MUint64 indexed component function set
MFnUniformFieldFunction set for Uniform Fields
MFnUnitAttributeUnit attribute Function set
MFnVectorArrayDataInt array function set for dependency node data
MFnVolumeAxisFieldFunction set for VolumeAxis Fields
MFnVolumeLightManage volume Light dependency Nodes
MFnVortexFieldFunction set for Vortex Fields
MFnWeightGeometryFilterWeight geometry filter function set
MFnWireDeformerWire deformer function set
MGeometryGeometric data cache
MGeometryClass for working with geometric structures used to draw objects
MGeometryDataGeometric data container
MGeometryExtractorClass for extracting renderable geometry
MGeometryIndexMappingA mapping of geometry index
MGeometryListGeometric data cache
MGeometryManagerGeometry cache management
MGeometryPrimitiveGeometric index container
MGeometryRequirementsImage manipulation
MGeometryRequirementsGeometry requirements
MGeometryUtilitiesUtilities for Viewport 2.0
MGLFunctionTableUtility class which provides wrappers for the OpenGL API
MGlobalStatic class providing common API global functions
MHairSystemInterface with Maya's Dynamic Hair System
MHardwareRendererStatic hardware renderer interface class
MHUDRenderClass which defines rendering the 2D heads-up-display
MHwrCallbackRendering Callbacks
MHWShaderSwatchGeneratorHardware shader swatch generator utility class
MHwTextureManagerHardware Texture management
MIffFileRead file images stored on disk
MIffTagEncapsulates IFF's 4 character block structure
MIkHandleGroupIK handle groups
MIkSystemInverse kinematics (IK) system class
MImageImage manipulation
MImageFileInfoImage manipulation
MIndexBufferIndex buffer for use with MGeometry
MIndexBufferDescriptorMIndexBufferDescriptor describes an indexing scheme
MPxShaderOverride::MInitContextInitialization context used by advanced initalization method
MPxShaderOverride::MInitFeedbackData to pass back to Maya after initialization
MIntArrayArray of integers data type
MItCurveCVIterator for NURBS curve CVs
MItDagDAG Iterator
MItDependencyGraphDependency Graph Iterator
MItDependencyNodesDependency Node iterator
MItEditsEdits iterator
MIteratorTypeMIteratorType class
MItGeometryIterator class for geometry data
MItInstancerParticle iterator
MItKeyframeKeyframe Iterator
MItMeshEdgePolygon edge iterator
MItMeshFaceVertexFace vertex iterator
MItMeshPolygonPolygon iterator
MItMeshVertexPolygon vertex iterator
MItSelectionListIterate over the items in the selection list
MItSubdEdgeSubdiv edge iterator
MItSubdFaceSubdiv face iterator
MItSubdVertexSubdiv vertex iterator
MItSurfaceCVNURBS surface CV iterator
MLibrarySet up Maya to run in library mode. (OpenMaya)
MLightLinksClass providing read-only Light Linking API functions
MLightParameterInformationA class for providing lighting information that may be used with Viewport 2.0
MLockMessageNode and plug locking messages
MManipDataManipulator Data
MMaterialHardware shading material class used in MPxSurfaceShapeUI
MMaterialArrayArray of pointers of MMaterial data type
MMatrixA matrix math class for 4x4 matrices of doubles
MMatrixArrayArray of MMatrix data type
MMeshIntersectorMesh intersector
MMeshSmoothOptionsOptions for control of smooth mesh generation
MMessageMessage base class
MModelMessageScene messages
MMutexLockMethods for managing locks on threads created with MThreadPool and MThreadAsync
MnClothClass for wrapping N cloth objects
MnObjectClass for wrapping N cloth objects
MNodeClassA class for performing node class-level operations in the dependency graph
MNodeMessageDependency node messages
MnParticleClass for wrapping N cloth objects
MnRigidClass for wrapping N cloth objects
MnSolverClass for wrapping N solver objects
MNurbsIntersectorNurbs intersector
MObjectGeneric Class for Accessing Internal Maya Objects
MObjectArrayArray of MObjects data type
MObjectHandleGeneric Class for validating MObjects
MObjectListFilterClass for defining a scene list filter
MObjectSetMessageObject Set Messages
MParentingEditClass for describing edits to parenting
MPassContextClass to allow access to pass context information
MPlaneA plane equation
MPlugCreate and Access dependency node plugs
MPlugArrayArray of MPlugs data type
MPointImplementation of a point
MPointArrayArray of MPoint data type
MPointOnMeshMesh intersector result
MPolyMessagePolygon component id change messages
MPresentTargetClass which defines the operation of presenting a target for final output
MProgressWindowCreate and manipulate progress windows
MPx3dModelView3d Model View
MPxAssemblyParent class of all user defined assembly nodes
MPxAttributePatternFactoryBase class for user-defined attribute pattern factories
MPxBakeEngineBaking functionality
MPxCacheFormatCacheFormat definition
MPxCameraSetBase class for user-defined camera set nodes
MPxClientDeviceNodeBase class for client device creation
MPxCommandBase class for user commands
MPxComponentShapeComponent helper class for surface shapes
MPxConstraintProxy constraint node
MPxConstraintCommandProxy constraint command
MPxContextBase class for user defined contexts
MPxContextCommandBase class for context creation commands
MPxControlCommandBase class for control creation commands
MPxDataBase Class for User-defined Dependency Graph Data Types
MPxDeformerNodeBase class for user defined Deformers
MPxDragAndDropBehaviorDrag and Drop Behavior
MPxDrawOverrideBase class for user defined drawing of nodes
MPxEmitterNodeBase class for user defined particle emitters
MPxFieldNodeBase class for user defined fields
MPxFileResolverBase Class for creating custom Maya File Resolvers
MPxFileTranslatorBase Class for creating Maya File Translators
MPxFluidEmitterNodeBase class for user defined particle emitters
MPxGeometryDataBase Class for User-defined Dependency Graph Geometry Data Types
MPxGeometryIteratorBase class for user defined geometry iterators
MPxGeometryOverrideBase for user-defined classes to prepare geometry for drawing
MPxGlBufferBase class for user defined GL buffers
MPxHardwareShaderBase class for user defined hardware shaders
MPxHwShaderNodeBase class for user defined hardware shaders
MPxIkSolverOBSOLETE CLASS: Base class for user defined IK solvers
MPxIkSolverNodeBase class for user defined IK solvers
MPxImageFileImage manipulation
MPxImagePlaneBase class for user defined imagePlane nodes
MPxIndexBufferMutatorBase class for user defined index buffer mutators
MPxLocatorNodeBase class for user defined locators
MPxManipContainerBase class for user defined manipulator containers
MPxManipulatorNodeBase class for manipulator creation
MPxMaterialInformationMaterial information proxy
MPxMayaAsciiFilterTranslator to output filtered Maya ASCII files
MPxMayaAsciiFilterOutputWrapper for a Maya Ascii file output stream
MPxMidiInputDeviceMidi input device
MPxModelEditorCommandBase class for editor creation commands
MPxNodeBase class for user defined dependency nodes
MPxObjectSetParent class of all user defined object sets
MPxParticleAttributeMapperNodeUser defined per particle attribute mapping nodes
MPxPolyTrgUser defined poly triangulation support
MPxPolyTweakUVCommandBase class used for moving polygon UV's
MPxPrimitiveGeneratorBase class for user defined primitive generators
MPxRenderPassImplRender pass implementation
MPxRepresentationAbstract base class for user defined representations
MPxSelectionContextBase class for interative selection tools
MPxShaderOverrideBase class for user defined shading effect draw overrides
MPxSpringNodeBase class for user defined spring law
MPxSurfaceShapeParent class of all user defined shapes
MPxSurfaceShapeUIDrawing and selection for user defined shapes
MPxThreadedDeviceNodeBase class for threaded node creation
MPxToolCommandBase class for interactive tool commands
MPxTransformBase class for user defined transforms
MPxTransformationMatrixBase class of all user defined transformation matrices
MPxUIControlBase class for control creation
MPxUITableControlBase class for creating new spreadsheet controls
MPxVertexBufferGeneratorBase class for user defined vertex buffer generators
MPxVertexBufferMutatorBase class for user defined vertex buffer generators
MQtUtilQt Utility Methods
MQuadRenderClass which defines a 2d geometry quad render
MQuaternionQuaternion math
MRampAttributeCreate and manipulate ramp attributes
MRasterizerStateContainer class for an acquired complete GPU rasterizer state
MRasterizerStateDescDescriptor for a complete rasterizer state
MRenderCallbackRendering Callbacks
MRenderDataAccess Rendering Data
MRendererMain interface class to the Viewport 2.0 renderer
MRenderingInfoInformation to perform rendering into a hardware render target
MRenderItemA single renderable entity
MRenderItemListA list of MRenderItem objects
MRenderLineClass for accessing paint effects output curve data
MRenderLineArrayClass for accessing paint effects output curve data
MRenderOperationClass which defines a rendering operation
MRenderOverrideBase class for defining a rendering override
MRenderPassDefRender pass information
MRenderPassRegistryAccess the render pass registry
MRenderProfileRender profile
MRenderShadowDataAccess Rendering Shadow Map Data
MRenderTargetInformation to perform rendering into a hardware render target
MRenderTargetAn instance of a render target that may be used with Viewport 2.0
MRenderTargetAssignmentStructure to hold the information required to set a texture parameter on a shader using a render target as input
MRenderTargetDescriptionClass which provides a description of a hardware render target The name is the unique identifier for a render target
MRenderTargetManagerProvides access to MRenderTarget objects for use in Viewport 2.0
MRenderUtilCommon API rendering functions
MRenderUtilitiesUtilities for Viewport 2.0
MRenderViewStatic class providing Render View API functions
MRichSelectionSelection list supporting soft selection and symmetry
MSamplerStateContainer class for an acquired complete GPU sampler state
MSamplerStateDescDescriptor for a complete sampler state
MSceneMessageScene messages
MSceneRenderClass which defines a scene render
MScriptUtilUtility class for working with pointers and references in Python
MSelectInfoSelection state information used in MPxSurfaceShapeUI::select
MSelectionListA list of MObjects
MSelectionMaskManage what is selectable in Maya. (OpenMaya) (
MSetAttrEditClass for describing setAttr edits
MShaderCompileMacroStructure to define a shader compiler macro
MShaderInstanceAn instance of a shader that may be used with Viewport 2.0
MShaderManagerProvides access to MShaderInstance objects for use in Viewport 2.0
MSpaceSpace transformation identifiers
MSpinLockMethods for managing spin locks on threads created with MThreadPool and MThreadAsync
MStateManagerClass to allow efficient access to GPU state information
MStatusManipulate Maya Status codes
MStencilOpDescDescriptor for a depth-stencil operation
MStreamUtilsStream functionality
MStringManipulate strings
MStringArrayArray of MStrings data type
MStringResourceLocalizable string resources
MStringResourceIdUnique identifier for an MString Resource
MSwatchRenderBaseSwatch Render Base class
MSwatchRenderRegisterManages swatch generators
MSyntaxSyntax for Commands
MTargetBlendDescDescriptor for a blend state for a single render target
MTemplateAction< ActionClass, CommandName, CommandSyntax >Template class for non undoable actions
MTemplateCommand< CommandClass, CommandName, CommandSyntax >Template class for undoable commands
MTemplateContextCommand< ContextCommandName, ContextCommandClass, ContextClass >Template class for context commands
MTemplateCreateNodeCommand< CommandClass, CommandName, NodeName >Template class for undoable commands to create/delete a node
MTemplateSelectionContext< ContextNameString, ContextClass, NodeType, ManipulatorClass, ManipulatorNodeName >Template class for selection context
MTesselationParamsTesselation parameters
MTextureClass which includes texture data
MTextureAssignmentStructure to hold the information required to set a texture parameter on a shader using a texture as input
MTextureDescriptionTexture description
MTextureEditorDrawInfoDrawing state for drawing to the UV texture window with custom shapes
MTextureManagerClass which manages texture
MThreadAsyncMethods for creating threads
MThreadPoolMethods for creating and managing a thread pool
MThreadUtilsHelper methods for threaded plugins
MTimeSet and retrieve animation time values in various unit systems
MTimeArrayArray of MTime data type
MTimerThis class works similar to timerX MEL command
MTimerMessageRegister callbacks that are based on a fixed time interval
MToolsInfoTool information
MTransformationMatrixTransformation matrix
MTrimBoundaryArrayAn array class for trim boundaries
MTypeIdManage Maya Object type identifiers
MUiMessageUI messages
MUint64ArrayArray of MUint64 data type
MUintArrayArray of integers data type
MUniformParameterUniform parameter
MUniformParameterListUniform Parameter
MURIManipulating Uniform Resource Identifiers
MUserDataVirtual base class for user data caching
MUserEventMessageUser defined Message Types
MUserRenderOperationClass which defines a user defined rendering operation
MVaryingParameterGeometric data cache
MVaryingParameterListGeometric data cache
MVectorA vector math class for vectors of doubles
MVectorArrayArray of MVectors data type
MVertexBufferVertex buffer for use with MGeometry
MVertexBufferArrayArray of Vertex buffers
MVertexBufferDescriptorDescribes properties of a vertex buffer
MViewportRendererBase class for hardware viewport renderers
MWeightComponent weight data
PrintClass implementing debug printing operation
RefCountedClass implementing standard reference counting
MPxHwShaderNode::RenderParametersProvides information on how to render the image
MPxHardwareShader::RenderParametersProvides information on how to render the image
RV_PIXELDeclaration of the pixel data type
MPxHardwareShader::ShaderContextProvides contextual information about the current invocation of the shader
StreamClass handling a list of generic data
StreamSerializeClass handling the definition of the format for serialization of data streams
StructureClass handling the definition of the structure of a piece of data
StructureSerializeClass handling the definition of the format for serialization of data structures
StructureSerializeDebugClass handling the data structure format type "Debug"