Dependency Graph

The classes in this category pertain to the manipulation and customization of nodes in the Dependency Graph.

Attributes define the data types accepted by the node's inputs and outputs. Data blocks contain the information required by the node to compute its outputs. Plugs are the connection points which exist on instances of each node in the Dependency Graph.


  • MDGContext -

    Dependency graph (DG) context class.

  • MNamespace -


  • MNodeClass -

    A class for performing node class-level operations in the dependency graph.

  • MPlug -

    Create and Access dependency node plugs.

  • MPlugArray -

    Array of MPlugs data type.

  • MTypeId -

    Manage Maya Object type identifiers.


Proxy Classes

  • MPxAttributePatternFactory -

    Base class for user-defined attribute pattern factories.

  • MPxData -

    Base Class for User-defined Dependency Graph Data Types.

  • MPxNode -

    Base class for user defined dependency nodes.

  • MPxObjectSet -

    Parent class of all user defined object sets.


Function Sets