Base Classes and Global Objects

The classes in this category consist of the basic API elements which allow you to query the state of the Maya application and its objects.


  • MGlobal -

    Static class providing common API global functions.

  • MLibrary -

    Set up Maya to run in library mode. (OpenMaya)

  • MObject -

    Generic Class for Accessing Internal Maya Objects.

  • MObjectArray -

    Array of MObjects data type.

  • MObjectHandle -

    Generic Class for validating MObjects.

  • MObjectListFilter -

    Class for defining a scene list filter.



Function Sets

  • MFn -

    Function Set Type Identifiers.

  • MFnBase -

    Function Set Base Class.

  • MFnPlugin -

    Register and deregister plug-in services with Maya.

  • MFnPluginData -

    User defined data function set for dependency node data.