Animating Legs and Feet

When you activate footsteps, keys are created for the legs and feet according to the footstep pattern and timing. Leg and foot keys are set at each Touch and Lift frame, and between footsteps.

Although the parts of the leg (thigh, calf, foot, toes) can move and rotate separately, one key dot appears on the Track Bar and in Track View for each leg structure unless you have turned on separate tracks in the Keyframing Tools rollout.

When the foot is not in a footstep, you can move or delete keyframes, and animate or reposition any part of the leg or foot. Simply turn on Auto Key and move or rotate the leg or foot to its new position.

Animating Legs and Feet in Footsteps

The leg keys created at either end of each footstep are locked, meaning they cannot be moved or deleted. You can, however, change the animation at these frames, or add new keyframes within the timespan of the footstep key.

When the foot is in a footstep, you can animate or reposition the leg and foot to some degree: