Figure Mode
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Select the Biped Motion Panel Biped rollout (Figure Mode)

While Figure mode is active, you can change biped structure and fit that structure to a character mesh.It can be used for a variety of other procedures as well.

Moving the Head

While in Figure mode, you can move the head relative to the body. This is another way to help fit the biped into a character’s skin.

You can move a biped’s head in Figure mode.

Notes on Fitting the Biped to a Mesh in Figure Mode

These are quick notes designed to give you a general sense of the issues involved when a biped is fitted to a mesh.

Move the first link on each finger to position the fingers relative to the mesh; use local and world coordinate systems for this. Scale the finger links to position the joints. After positioning the thumb, rotate the first thumb link around the local X-axis until the local Z-axis creates a natural rotation for the thumb (refer to the image). A User view and toggling back and forth between a shaded and wireframe display is helpful when fingers are positioned.