Convert to Freeform or Footsteps Dialogs
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Select the Biped. Motion panel Biped rollout (Convert)

When you click Convert on the Biped rollout of the Motion panel, a Convert To dialog displays: Convert to Freeform or Convert to Footsteps, depending on the animation method of the currently loaded motion. Use Convert To Freeform for unrestricted key editing or Convert To Footsteps to take advatage of footsteps.

NoteBy default, Jumping or airborne periods between footsteps are calculated by character studio based on gravity strength (GravAccel) and time between footsteps. Biped elevation during these jumping and airborne periods will be lost when converting to freeform from footsteps (unless you create a vertical COM key in the airborne period in the footstep animation), a freeform animation uses spline interpolation for the center of mass position and does not account for gravity. Elevation in airborne periods is restored if you convert back to footsteps.

When to Use Convert


Convert to Freeform dialog

Generate a keyframe per frame

Creates keys at every frame.

NoteConverting footsteps to freeform creates foot IK Blend values of 1 for the biped feet for the original footstep keys. This simplifies keyframing by putting the feet into world coordinate space, which prevents them from sliding when the biped is moved. These foot IK Blend values are also used when you click Convert (on the Biped rollout) to convert back to footsteps.

Convert to Footsteps dialog

Generate a key per frame

Creates a key at every frame, and extracts footsteps based on foot IK Blend values equal to 1. Save Segment in Motion Flow mode stores the active script as a BIP file without footsteps. The biped foot keys are assigned IK Blend values of 1 for the original footstep keys. After loading a BIP file saved using Save Segment in Motion Flow mode, use Convert (on the Biped rollout) to extract footsteps.

Convert is also useful if you have already converted from footsteps to freeform in which case the feet are assigned an IK Blend value of 1 for the keys that represented footsteps.

Flatten Footsteps to Z=0

The entire biped is repositioned to place the footsteps at Z=0.

NoteAn IK Blend value of 1 for the feet puts them into world coordinate space and prevents them from slipping while setting biped keys in a freeform animation.