Reinitializing Physique Settings

When you need to reset vertex, envelope, and other skin parameters on a Physique mesh, click Reinitialize to display the Physique Initialization dialog. Using controls in this dialog, select the category to update, and apply the new global settings.

For example, if you've added a new bone to the hierarchy and want it included and influenced by the Physique modifier, use the reinitialization mechanism to effect its inclusion. Or maybe you've repositioned the biped structure relative to the mesh, you'd need to reinitialize Physique settings to recognize those changes.

Reinitializing with changed settings applies them as new defaults in the areas you choose. Reinitializing without changing settings on the Physique Initialization dialog is a method of erasing unsatisfactory changes you've made to the Physique settings, again in those areas you specify.

Reinitialization mode of Initialization dialog

Initialization Group

The Initialization group in the Physique Initialization dialog is where you name the category of settings to reset. (When you applied Physique to the mesh initially, these settings appeared unavailable; in fact, all settings are set at Initialization.)

WarningSelect only the check boxes for those settings you need to reset. If you select everything, your model is returned to the state it was in immediately after applying Physique. That's a quick way to discard changes that aren't working; just make sure that's what you want to do. If you change settings in rollouts on this dialog and fail to select the corresponding check box, those rollout settings are ignored and initial defaults are reestablished.
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