Floating Bones Rollout
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Select an object that has the Physique modifier applied to it. Modify panel Floating Bones rollout

“Floating” bones provide a way to use Physique without using a biped character. The Floating Bones rollout specifies the splines, bones hierarchy, or unattached bones you are using to deform a mesh. For example, Physique lets you animate a mesh by animating spline vertices or a bones system. When you attach the spline or parent bone to Physique, it creates envelopes for the selected spline or bones.


To have a spline influence a mesh:

  1. Create a spline and place it within a mesh that has Physique applied.
  2. Select the mesh, and go to the Modify panel.
  3. On the Floating Bones rollout, click Add.

    3ds Max Design opens a Select Bones dialog.

  4. Use the Select Bones dialog to select the spline.
  5. Animate the spline vertices to animate the mesh.
TipIf you want to control the mesh by animating bones, follow the previous steps using bones instead of a spline.



Displays a Select Bones dialog so you can select splines or bones to use with Physique.


Resets splines or bones in their initial position: Reset reassigns vertices, but leaves envelopes as is.


To delete a spline or bone, click to highlight its name in the list, and then click Delete.