Type-In Weights Dialog
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Select a mesh that has the Physique modifier applied to it. Modify panel Vertex sub-object level Vertex-Link Assignment rollout Vertex Operations group Click Select By Link. Click a link in a viewport. Lock Assignments Click Type-In Weights.

Lets you enter a weight for selected locked vertices. To use this dialog, select one or more vertices, then lock them, click Type-In Weights to display the Type-In Weights dialog, use the lists in the dialog to select a link, and then change the weight to that link in order to position the vertices (vertex positions update in viewports as the weight changes).

NoteYou'll primarily use Type-In Weights to correct flaws on low- to medium-resolution meshes. On a high-resolution mesh, adjusting envelopes should be used to correct deformation.
TipAdjust weights for stubborn vertices that fall in blended regions between two or more envelopes. Subtle adjustments can be made to the vertex weights of specific links that would be difficult to achieve by adjusting envelopes alone.


Link Name

Use the drop-down list to select a link and display the vertex weight to that link.

Currently Assigned Links Only

When chosen, displays only those links that presently influence the selected vertices.

All Links

When chosen, displays all available links.


Displays the vertex weight for the active link (the link currently displayed by the Link Name list). Use the spinner to change the weight value, if necessary.


Uses an absolute value for vertex weight.


This option is unavailable in character studio.

Relative Scale

Uses relative values for vertex weights.

This is the mode of choice when you work on multiple vertices. If a particular link is not having a strong enough effect on the selected vertices, you should lock them, open the Type-In Weights dialog, select the link, and choose Relative Scale. Then you can enter relative values in the Weight field. For example, entering 1.0 leaves weights the same, while entering 2.0 would double the effect of the selected link on the selected vertices.

List of links

Displays a list of links, with weight values at the right. The weight field is blank when it displays absolute weights. (When more than one vertex is selected, each is likely to have a slightly different weight.) Click a link in this list to select it.