Global Clip Controllers Rollout
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Create panel (Helpers) Object Type rollout Crowd Global Clip Controllers rollout

Select a Crowd object. Modify panel Global Clip Controllers rollout

Use global clip controllers when assigning a non-biped animated object (such as a bird flapping its wings) to a delegate in a crowd simulation. Applications include synthesis of animation activity based on a variety of criteria, such as an object's speed, acceleration, and pitch.

This group of controls replicates the Track View controls for the same functionality. For an in-depth discussion of global clip controllers and related topics, see:

Non-Biped Crowds

Synthesis Dialog

ClipState Dialog

For a procedure covering clip controller usage, see:

To use Motion Synthesis with non-bipedal creatures:



Lists objects designated as Global Objects, whose controllers can be used as animation clips to control other objects (typically clones).

To designate an object as a Global Object, click the New button, and then select the object in the Select dialog.


To designate a Global Object and add it to the list, click this button, and then select the object in the Select dialog.


To modify a Global Object's properties, click its name in the list, and then click this button. This opens the Synthesis dialog.


Loads a previously saved Global Motion Clip (.ant) file from disk.


Stores the current Global Motion Clip settings on disk in the .ant file format.