character studio File Formats

character studio uses several proprietary file formats for various functions.


Motion file. Includes biped motion and the size of the original biped so motion can be accurately loaded to other bipeds. Can be loaded directly onto a biped, or used to combine motions with Motion Flow or the Motion Mixer. See Loading and Saving BIP Animation.


Figure file. Contains the sizes and poses of each biped body part, and overall biped size. Use this file to save and load a biped pose in Figure mode. See Saving and Loading FIG Files.


Copy file. Contains postures, poses and tracks you have copied with the Copy/Paste rollout. See Copying and Pasting Postures and Poses and Copying and Pasting Tracks.


Motion Flow Graph file. Contains the motion flow graph, and a motion flow script if one was present for the biped upon saving. See Saving, Loading, and Appending Motion Flow Graphs.


Motion Mixer file. Contains clip data, tracks and trackgroups, transitions between clips, track/clip weights, and scale, trim and time warp information for edited clips. See Exporting Animation to the Biped.


Physique file. Contains information on envelope sizes and vertex weights set up with the Physique modifier. See Saving and Loading Physique Data.


Step file. Contains footstep data. See Loading and Saving STP Files.


These file formats contain motion-capture data. They are not specific to character studio. See BVH File, CSM File, or MNM File in the glossary.