Assign Controller Rollout
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Select an object. Motion panel Parameters Assign Controller rollout

The Assign Controller rollout assigns and appends different transform controllers to individual objects. You can also assign controllers in Track View.

Animation controllers are plug-ins that handle all of the animation tasks in 3ds Max Design. For a complete list of available animation controllers, see Assign Controller (Track View).


Example: To assign a TCB Rotation controller:

  1. Select an object.
  2. On the Motion panel, click Parameters, and open the Assign Controller rollout.
  3. Highlight the Rotation track in the Assign Controller list.
  4. Click (Assign Controller), choose TCB Rotation from the Assign Rotation Controller dialog, and then click OK to close the dialog and accept the change.

    The default Euler XYZ Rotation controller is replaced with the TCB Rotation controller.


Assign Controller

Displays the Assign Controller dialog. If no track is highlighted, the Assign Controller button is unavailable.

Assign Controller dialog

Choose a controller from a list of available controllers in this dialog.

Depending on the type of track you've selected, the Choose Controller dialog displays a subset of the different types of controllers. Rotation controllers, for example, are available only for rotation tracks.