Camera Map Modifier (World Space)
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Modify panel Select an object. Modifier List World-Space Modifiers Camera Map (WSM)

Select an object. Modifiers menu UV Coordinates Camera Map (WSM)

The Camera Map world-space modifier is similar to the Camera Map modifier, in that it applies UVW mapping coordinates to the object based on a specified camera. As a result, if you assign the same map as a Screen environment to the background as you apply to the object, the object is invisible in the rendered scene.

The main difference between the world-space version of Camera Map and the object-space version is that, when you move the camera or the object using the object-space version, the object becomes visible, because the UVW coordinates are fixed to the object's local coordinates. When you move the camera or object using the world-space version, the object remains invisible because world coordinates are used instead.


Current Camera Object group


Names the current camera used for mapping. If there is no current camera, reads "None."

Pick Camera

Click this button, and then select the camera you want used for mapping.

Channel group

Map Channel

Specifies use of a map channel. Map channels are specified in the Material Editor.

Vertex Color Channel

Specifies use of the Vertex Color Channel (see UVW Map Modifier).