Surface Mapper Modifier (World Space)
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Make a selection. Modify panel Modifier List World-Space Modifiers Surface Mapper (WSM)

The Surface Mapper (WSM) modifier takes a map assigned to a NURBS surface and projects it onto the modified object or objects. Surface Mapper is especially useful for seamlessly applying a single map to a group of surface sub-objects within the same NURBS model. You can also use it for other kinds of geometry.

The NURBS surface's map is projected onto the other geometry in the direction of the NURBS surface's normals, or opposite the normals if the modified object is on the other side of the NURBS surface.


To use the surface mapper world-space modifier:

  1. Create the NURBS surface to use for projection, and transform it so it wraps the objects you want to map.
  2. Use the Material Editor to assign a mapped material to the NURBS surface.
  3. Select the objects you want to map.
  4. Use the Material Editor to assign the same material to the objects you want to map.
  5. Apply the Surface Mapper world-space modifier.
  6. In the Parameters rollout, turn on Pick NURBS Surface, and then click the NURBS projection surface in a viewport.

    3ds Max Design now uses the NURBS surface's normals to project the texture onto the modified objects.

    TipTo fine-tune the map placement on the mesh, you can use the NURBS surface's Edit Texture Surface dialog.


Source Texture Surface group

These controls let you choose the NURBS surface to project.

Pick NURBS Surface

Picks the NURBS surface to use for projection. Click to turn on this button, then click the NURBS surface in an active viewport.


Shows "<none>" before you pick a NURBS surface; shows the name of the surface after you pick one.

Map Channels group

These controls let you choose which map channels to use.

Input Channel

Selects the NURBS surface map channel to use before projection.

Output Channel

Selects the modified object's map channel to use after projection.

Update Options group

These controls let you choose how to update the mapping displayed in viewports. They have no effect if Show Map In Viewport is off.


Updates viewports whenever the mapping changes.


Updates viewports only when you click Update.


Updates viewports. This is unavailable unless you've chosen Manually.