Detach Dialog
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Select an Edit Poly object. Modify panel any sub-object level Edit Geometry rollout Detach Settings button

This dialog lets you specify how a sub-object selection is detached from an Edit Poly object.

By default, both Detach To Element and Detach As Clone are off. Thus, when you detach a sub-object selection, it's removed from the original object and becomes a new object. The dialog options let you keep the detached item as an element of the original object and/or detach it as a copy of the original selection.

NoteWhen you detach a vertex or an edge, any adjacent polygons are detached as well. Also, a detached item remains in its original location.
NoteAny Detach dialog settings you change are saved as program defaults automatically.


Detach as

Lets you assign a name to the new object. By default, the name is "Object" followed by a sequence number.

This option is unavailable when Detach To Element is on.

Detach To Element

The detached sub-object selection remains as part of the original object, but becomes a new element. It can then be manipulated independently at the Element sub-object level. Default=off.

Detach As Clone

Detaches the selection as a copy of the original selection; the latter remains intact. Default=off.