Selection Check Rollout (Projection Modifier)
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Select an object. Modify panel Modifier List Object-Space Modifiers Projection Selection Check rollout

This rollout lets you check selections to see if any are overlapping; that is, if a material ID or a face or element is assigned to more than one selection.


Check group

  • Material IDsChecks for material IDs being assigned to more than one selection.
  • GeometryChecks for faces or elements being assigned to more than one selection.
  • Both(The default.) Checks for both material ID and sub-object overlap.



Click to run the check.

Select Faces

When on, if running the selection check detects “bad” selections, the “bad” faces are selected by the Projection modifier automatically. When off, “bad” selections are not selected automatically. Default=on.

Results group

After you click Check, the fields in this group display the results. The first field is for material IDs, and the second is for sub-object selections. If there is no conflict, the first field says “No conflicting Mat IDs detected,” and the second says “No conflicting face selections detected.” If there is a conflict, the results say something such as, “6 Mat IDs are assigned to more than one selection.”