Unfold Mapping Dialog
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Select an object. Modify panel Modifier List Object-Space Modifiers Unwrap UVW Edit button (on Parameters rollout) Mapping menu Unfold Mapping

The Unfold Mapping method of procedural mapping eliminates texture distortion, but can result in overlapping coordinate clusters. The Unfold Mapping dialog lets you control how faces are unfolded.

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Sets the unfold method by specifying whether 3ds Max Design will start unfolding with the closest or farthest face angle, with respect to distance. In almost all cases, you'll get better results with Walk To Closest Face.

  • Walk To Closest Face
  • Walk to Farthest Face
Normalize Clusters

Controls whether the final layout will be scaled down to 1.0 unit to fit within the standard editor mapping area. If this is turned off, the final size of the clusters will be in object space, and they'll probably be much larger than the editor mapping area. For best results, leave this turned on.


Accepts the settings, closes the dialog, and performs the mapping as specified.


Undoes any changes and closes the dialog.

Set As Default

Makes the current settings the defaults for the current session.