Finding Information Fast

Use the Navigation pane in the Help Window to get to information quickly. It contains tabs that let you use Contents, Index, or Search techniques to get to topics you need.

Contents Tab

The Contents tab displays the main sections of this online system as book icons. When you click a book, it expands to show the list of topics contained within it, like chapters in hardcopy books.

To go to a topic from the Contents tab:

  1. Click the Contents tab to display the Table of Contents view.
  2. Click the book icon representing the area for which you want information.

    The Topic pane on the right displays the introductory topic for that section. In most cases, the topic contains an overview of the section contents plus a list of relevant links. In some cases, the topic consists exclusively of links to other topics in the section.

    The page icons for the book expand below representing all the topics for the book’s feature area.

  3. Click a link in the introductory topic to go to that topic.

    Alternatively, you can view a list of the section’s topics and sub-sections by clicking the + icon to the left of the book icon in the table of contents or double-clicking the book icon or section title. This expands the section and shows its contents.

  4. Continue navigating through the table of contents until you find the topic you want and then click its icon.

Index Panel

The index is an alphabetical listing of keywords found in the help. A single keyword might be linked to more than one topic. Scroll through the list, or to jump to an index entry that matches what you’re looking for, type the first few letters of the subject in the editable field above the list.

To go to a topic from the Index panel:

  1. Click the Index tab to display the Help index.
  2. In the form at the top of the Index, type the subject you want, or scroll through the alphabetical list to find the term for which you need information.
  3. Click the term, then click Display to see the topic for that term, or double-click the term to see its topic.

    The topic displays in the right pane and may show links to related topics.

Search Tab

The Search tab summons a full-text search engine that operates on a database of every word in the help system, created when the HTML Help system was compiled. You can use tools on the Search tab to find the help topics containing any word or phrase.

Favorites Tab

Use tools on the Favorites tab to create and store a set of topics you use often; you can name them as you choose.