Checking Requirements

Setting up even a small render farm can require a substantial amount of time. As a first step, verify that your proposed network meets the basic requirements. You should also be acquainted with the software required to render over the network.

Hardware Requirements

Network Requirements

For operating system requirements, see “System Requirements” in the Autodesk Backburner Installation Guide. You must also be connected over a network with TCP/IP protocol properly installed. See Instructions for configuring TCP/IP for network rendering.

Software Requirements

One authorized copy of 3ds Max Design is the minimum requirement. With this one copy, you can set up 3ds Max Design on multiple machines for the purpose of network rendering. Later topics provide explicit details for doing a custom setup on each machine. During this setup, programs required to render over a network are installed and registered.

Four separate programs interact to accomplish network rendering. The following descriptions identify these programs and provide an overview of their use.

Next Step

Setting Up for Network Rendering