Job Report Dialog
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You can generate ASCII reports containing detailed statistics about a particular job selected in the Job Queue list.

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Header group

Specifies the type of header to include in the report file, in addition to the body information.


Includes information above the body of information, including Job Name, Submitted by, Frame Start/End, Output Width/Height, Pixel Aspect Ratio, and Image Aspect Ratio.


Includes only the column titles in the report.

Record Delimitation group

Specifies the type of delimiter used between the fields. For example, if you use a tab delimiter, the report will import correctly into Microsoft's Excel or Access applications.


Inserts a tab between fields in the report.


Inserts a space between fields in the report.


Inserts a comma between fields in the report.

Use Quotes

Brackets each field with double quotes.

Output File group

(Text Field)

Specifies the report's file name. You can specify a complete path, if you want. By default, the path is the directory containing the monitor.exe file.

TipIf you use a shortcut icon to launch Queue Monitor, you can specify the path for your report's output file in the Start In field in the Properties dialog for the shortcut.

Displays a file selector where you can specify a file path for the report.