Material XML Exporter Utility
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Utilities panel Utilities rollout More button Utilities dialog Material XML Export

You can export materials you create in 3ds Max Design to XML files, which can then be shared with other 3ds Max Design users or used in AutoCAD Architecture (formerly Autodesk Architectural Desktop) to modify material definitions.

NoteYou can add an exported XML material to your 3ds Max Design scene by dragging and dropping from a Web site or Windows Explorer onto an object in your scene, or by importing it directly onto objects.


Selection Method group

The Selection Method group lets you set the method for selecting the materials you wish to export.

Material/Map Browser

Lets you select a material to export from the Material/Map browser.

Object List

Lets you specify objects using the Select Object For Material Modifier Export dialog, which works like the Select From Scene dialog. All materials assigned to the selected objects are exported.

Pick Object in Scene

Lets you select an object from your scene. Any materials assigned to the selected object are exported.

All Objects in Scene

Exports all of the assigned materials in your scene.

Output Format group

The Output Format group defines the format of the XML Material output.

Native XML (vizML)

Materials are exported as raw XML.

TipUse this format for sharing XML material files within 3ds Max Design.
Tool Catalog

Materials are exported to the ATC (Autodesk Tool Catalog) format.

This file type is suitable for display in the AutoCAD Content Browser and the Autodesk VIZ Content Browser.

NoteThis file type cannot be imported to 3ds Max Design unless you also have Autodesk VIZ Render installed on the same system.
Specify XSLT

This option lets you apply your own XSL transform to the XML output.

Export group

The Export group lets you define the parts of the material assignments to export.


Exports the material definitions.

Create Thumbnails

Exports thumbnails for each material.

NoteThumbnail images are referenced by the ATC and displayed in the AutoCAD Content Browser and Autodesk VIZ Content Browser.
Mapping Modifiers

Exports the mapping modifiers applied to specific objects.



This button begins the XML export process, using the defined selection method, output format, and export parameters.

Upon clicking Export, you are prompted to set the path or URL to store in the XML file as the path to any referenced bitmap files. The default is an empty string, which means no path will be prepended to the bitmap file names when written to XML. When the material is later imported, it will be assumed that the referenced bitmap file can be found in the bitmap search path.

If you have elected to export thumbnails or to apply your own XSL transform, you are then prompted to set a path to store the thumbnail files and to locate your XSLT file, respectively.