Diffuse Level
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Material Editor Standard material Anisotropic, Multi-Layer, or Oren-Nayar-Blinn Basic Parameters rollout Diffuse Level group (unlabeled) or Advanced Diffuse group

Diffuse Level controls the brightness of the material's diffuse component.

Adjusting diffuse level

NoteThe Blinn, Metal, Phong, and Strauss shaders do not have Diffuse Level control.


To adjust the diffuse level:


Diffuse Level

Increasing this value increases diffuse brightness, and decreasing it reduces diffuse brightness without affecting the specular highlight. You can increase the diffuse level over and above the diffuse color's Value (in its HSV description). This parameter can range from 0 to 400. Default=100.

Click the map button to assign a map to the diffuse level parameter. See Diffuse Level Mapping. This button is a shortcut: you can also assign diffuse level mapping in the Maps rollout.