Cutout Mapping
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Material Editor Architectural material Special Effects rollout Cutout map button

Material Editor Arch & Design material Special Purpose Maps rollout Cutout map button

Material Editor Autodesk Generic material Cut-outs rollout Turn on Enable. Image button

Material Editor Autodesk Metal material Cut-outs rollout Change Type to Custom. Image button

Assigning a bitmap or procedural map to the Cutout component of an Architectural material, Arch & Design material, Autodesk Generic material, or an Autodesk Metal material, makes the material partially transparent. Lighter (higher-value) areas of the map render as opaque; darker areas render as transparent; and values in between are semi-transparent.

Setting the cutout map's Amount to 100 applies all of the map. Transparent areas are fully transparent. Setting the Amount to 0 is the equivalent of turning the map off. Intermediate Amount values are blended with the Transparency value on the Physical Qualities rollout. Transparent areas of the map become more opaque.

The gray levels of a cutout map determine the amount of transparency.


To use a cutout map:

  1. Click the Cutout map button.

    The Material/Map Browser is displayed.

  2. Choose from the list of map types, and then click OK.

    The Material is now at the map level, and displays map controls.

    (If you choose Bitmap as the map type, you first see a file dialog that lets you choose the image file.)

  3. Use the map controls to set up the map.

To remove a cutout map from a material:

TipYou can disable the map without removing it. Simply turn off the toggle immediately to the left of the map button on the Special Effects rollout.
  1. If the Material Editor is displaying the map controls, click the Type button to display the Material/Map Browser. If the map controls aren't visible, click the Cutout map button to display them, and then click the Type button.
  2. In the Browser, choose NONE as the map type, and then click OK.

    The map is removed.