Advanced Shaders Rollout (mental ray Material)
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Material Editor mental ray Advanced Shaders rollout

Note: The mental ray material appears in the Browser only if the mental ray renderer is the currently active renderer.

The Advanced Shaders rollout provides controls for two component shaders that aren't always used.


Each shader component has a toggle at the left of its name. When the toggle is on, the shader is used in rendering. When the toggle is off, the shader is not used, even if it has been assigned. Clicking the button to the right of the component name displays the Material/Map Browser so you can assign a particular shader to the component.


Assigns a contour shader to the material.

The contour component can be assigned the following shaders:

Shader Library
Combi contour
Curvature contour
Depth Fade contour
Factor Color contour
Layer Thinner contour
Simple contour
Width From Color contour
Width From Light contour
Width From Light Dir contour
NoteContours don't render unless you have also enabled them on the Render Setup dialog Renderer panel Camera Effects rollout.
Light Map

Assigns a light map shader to the material.

WarningNo light map shaders are provided with 3ds Max Design. This option is for users who have access to light map shaders via other shader libraries or custom shader code.