Marble Map
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Material Editor Material/Map Browser Marble

The Marble map produces a marbled surface with colored veins against a colored background. A third color is automatically generated.

Marble map used for the balusters

NoteAnother way to create marble is to use the Perlin Marble Map.
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To create a Marble map:

  1. Click a map button to assign a map.
  2. Choose Marble in the Material/Map Browser, and then click OK.

To adjust the size of Marble veins:

To change vein color:

  1. In the Marble Parameters rollout, click a color swatch to display the Color Selector.
  2. Adjust the color.
  3. Click Close to dismiss the dialog.

To use a map for a vein:

To swap the two vein colors:

To adjust mapping coordinates:



Sets the spacing between the veins.

Vein Width

Sets the width of the veins.


Switches the position of the two colors or maps.

Color # 1 and Color # 2

Displays the Color Selector. Select one color for the veins (color 1) and another for the background (color 2). A third color is generated from the two colors you select.


Selects the bitmaps or procedural maps to appear in the veins or in the background color.

Turn on the check boxes to make the maps active.