Smoke Map
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Smoke is a 3D map that generates amorphous, fractal-based turbulent patterns. It's primarily designed for animated opacity mapping to simulate the effects of smoke in a beam of light, or other cloudy, flowing mapping effects.

Smoke map used to create clouds in the sky

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Changes the scale of the smoke "clumps." Default=40.

# Iterations

Sets the number of times the fractal function is applied. The higher the value, the more detail within the smoke, but the longer the calculation time. Default=5.


Shifts the turbulence within the smoke pattern. Animate this parameter to animate the movement of the smoke. Default=0.0.


Makes color #2, representing the smoke, sharper and more wispy. As this value increases, the smoke "tendrils" become smaller within the pattern. Default=1.5.


Exchanges the colors.

Color #1

Represents the smokeless portion of the effect.

Color #2

Represents the smoke.

Because this map is usually used as an opacity map, you can adjust the luminance of the color values to alter the contrast of the smoke effect.

  • Click a color swatch to change the color. Usually you only need to do this to adjust luminance.
  • Click a map button to assign a map instead of a solid color. Turn on the check box to activate the map.