Edit Current Event
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Rendering menu Video Post Video Post window Select an event. Video Post toolbar (Edit Current Event)

The Edit Current Event button displays a dialog that lets you edit the properties of the selected event. The dialog depends on the type of event you've selected. The controls in the edit dialogs are the same as those in the dialog you use to add that type of event.

The top field in each event dialog is an editable label field. If the field is left blank, the event uses its assigned label. If you enter an event name, the Video Post Queue displays your event name in the field.

You can edit the following types of events:

Add Scene Event

Add Image Input Event

Add Image Filter Event

Add Image Layer Event

Add Image Output Event

Add External Event

Add Loop Event


To edit an event in the queue, do one of the following:

  1. Select the event and then click (Edit Current Event).
  2. Double-click the event name.
  3. Double-click the event's range-bar area in the edit window.

Use the second or third method above withdisabled events.