Exporting HTR/HTR2 Files
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Application menu Export Motion Analysis HTR File (*.HTR)

The Motion Analysis HTR (Hierarchical Translation-Rotation) motion capture file format is an alternative to the BVH format because it provides flexibility in data types and ordering. It also has a complete base pose specification, which consists of indicating the starting point for both rotations and translations.

The stored data is grouped by segments; all motions from the first segment are read, then those from the next segment, and so on.

The HTR format contains four sections: Header, Segment Names & Hierarchy, Base Position, and the motion data section.

NoteAll section titles are displayed between square brackets ([]).
NoteComments within the HTR file are denoted by a hash mark (#).

The header section contains global parameter information:

HTR2 is nearly identical to HTR, except that the data from the motion section is organized differently in order to better suit a streaming data input (a sample-major ordering is used to present the motion information).

On export, the root object is named after your file name.

NoteTo have a successful export, you have to select the root of the desired skeleton.
NoteYou can only export one bone hierarchy at a time.


Base Position group

Saved Pose

Choose this option to use the skeleton's pose at frame 0 as base position data. Default=on.

Current Pose

Choose this option to use the skeleton's pose at the current frame as base position data.

Options group

Export Animation

Enable to export all animation keys. Otherwise, only the base position is exported.

Parent Transforms

Enable to include the root object's animation data in the export file.

Time Options group

These options are only functional if the Export Animation option in the Options group is enabled.


Choose between using your scene's time slider range or a defined portion.


These values represent the start and end frames of the defined range.


The exported animation starts after the number of frames set by this value.

Scale group


Sets the bone length scale factor in the export file.



Proceeds with HTR/HTR2 export, using the current settings.


Cancels HTR/HTR2 export.